“Empowerment has two central aspects -- control over resources (physical, human, intellectual, financial, and the self), and control over ideology (beliefs, values and attitudes)."  ~ Batliwala 1993


Why WORK 4aLiving?

The problem is not simply a lack of jobs. Many people get jobs, but can’t keep them. WORK 4aLiving Centers empower the unemployed to get jobs, succeed in the workplace & start businesses


       600-1000 get trained per Centre - 60% get a job, 20% pursue further education, and 5% start a business W4aL Centres are 100% self-sustainable employing 1-2 local facilitators




Our program works!! Time and trial has proven this…it’s just a matter of getting it out there into every village, town, city where there is poverty or need.






The WORK 4aLiving foundational programme teaches:

  • How to find a job, How to keep a job, How to be promoted

  • How to work to a standard of excellence

  • Financial literacy

  • Principles of how to start & run a business


Addresses ideological barriers:

  • Poverty Mindset – “I am poor, I will always be poor. I cannot change…”

  • Spirit of entitlement – “I am owed something…”

  • Dependency syndrome – “the government must give me a job…”

  • Morals & ethics


ZELNAS CATERING SERVICES - For many years Zelna Damons was making ‘koeksusters’ (sweetcakes) and baking biscuits from her home. She was making about R250 pm. She completed the WORK 4aLiving program and went on to do the Business 4aLiving Program. Since then her business has exploded! She caters regularly at a corporate level providing full meals and finger lunches. By March 2010, she had 60 functions planned for the year!


Ntombekhaya - "I don't know where to start. This workshop has changed my life. Before I came to Siya-Sebenza (WORK 4aLiving), I was a slave to loan sharks because I could not manage the little money that I had. Secondly, I had a talent which I had taken for granted. This place made me ask myself why, after all these years, I have not made something of myself? I now recognize that I did not make the effort to use my talents, create opportunities and move forward. I take responsibility now for leaving my previous job without telling my boss. Now I know this was wrong. In future, I will know what is right or wrong because of this workshop. Lastly, I thank Jesus for helping me to find this place......"



KFC - Bronwen-kay Swanepoel   - Trainer Buffken t/a KFC     

“We have been making use of WORK 4aLiving for recruitment purposes. The candidates that we have recruited from WORK 4aLiving definitely come with a strong sense of work ethic, attitude and commitment, which makes out an integral part of the training they receive from WORK 4aLiving. Having WORK 4aLiving as a channel from which we can recruit makes the work of the recruiter so much easier. We are looking forward to being able to source more great candidates from them in 2013/4.


GENERAL MOTORS FOUNDATION – Roger Matlock, General Manager, 1st August 2014

“The Work-4aLiving program provides an innovative and highly effective solution to some of South Africa's most pressing problems, namely; unemployment, job readiness and entrepreneurship. The GM South Africa Foundation has partnered with WORK 4aLiving program since 2008. This has taken the form of a joint effort to provide WORK 4aLiving training to parents of students at ten high-need schools across Port Elizabeth, South Africa. More than 60% of participants found employment after completing the training and many innovative businesses were started. I look forward to continuing to hear reports of the many lives powerfully impacted by WORK 4aLiving as it continues its great work of service to our society.


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